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Card Typer Card Typer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is actually a very interesting game that you would never see outside of a browser. You could have spent more time on the design, because there's one issue that anyone can see right away: since you have to write "sentences" to take any action, it seems optimal to spend 100% of your attention on typing, ignoring anything else. One solution that i see is to make the words complete themselves very slowly(or some sort of passive benefit), so if you want to stop typing to select a card, or check the status of the game, you will not be punished too hard.

LeoGautama responds:

A review! That was pretty quick.

Actually I CAN type while paying attention to card selection and what card the enemy uses and even the stats (buff, debuff, DPT, Regen), but maybe that's because I designed the cards and drew all of them so when I see the pictures of the cards I can quickly recognize them. Maybe this is easier if you can type without seeing the keyboard at all if you can't already do that.

I can't really change that part of the game but here's a tip:
Before going to battle, plan ahead on which card will be used after which. So you already know when you're playing, which card to save until which card shows up and then you use this card and then that card. Thus you spend less time on thinking yet can still use cards in strategical order.